Yes! A unique feature of BizFirst4Less is that you get to search for and select the specific fights and airline you are naming your price for. There’s no guessing. Your offer is only for your selected flights, airline, and class of service.

When you Name Your Price with BizFirst4Less you agree to purchase the ticket for the flights you selected if we accept your offer. We collect the information required for issuing your ticket should your offer be accepted. That includes your payment information which would be required to issue your e- ticket(s). We do not share your personal information with anyone, it is only used to reserve and issue your ticket with the airline.

You do not need a BizFirst4Less account to search for flights or to select flights. You will create an account later if you choose to Name Your Price for your selected flights.

We do our best to reply with an answer regarding users’ offers within an hour. However, it may take longer, and if so we will do our best to keep you posted.

If you do not hear back from us within 3 hours after placing an offer on our website please contact us viaLive-Chat, by email, or by phone.

A website user may place an offer on the website for his/her selected flights with upto 25% discount. Users are encouraged to be realistic with their offers. If a user wishes to place additional offers for the same departure and/or return flight(s) he/she may do so but additional offer for the same flights (or some of the flights) must be increased by $200 or more per person.

There is a ‘5 Offers Maximum’ allowed for the same flights (or some of the flights). A User may however place additional offers for the same trip choosing different airlines.

No. Your offer is a legal contract to purchase the ticket at your selected price and after submitting your offer on our website the Changes and Cancellations policy will be in effect. As per our agreements with our partner airlines we cannot cancel tickets. If you need our help however contact us ASAP after submitting an offer. We offer our Trip Protection Plan which can only be purchased on the same day an offer is accepted.

Your offer on the BizFirst4Less website is a legal contract and by submitting an offer for flights you selected you agree that your e-ticket(s) will be issued if we accept your offer for your selected flights, that tickets are none transferable and name changes are not allowed, and you agree to the following fare rules. Regardless of any fare rules that may have been displayed earlier during the flights search, the following rules apply to all tickets purchased on the website:

Changes: changes must be made up to 3 days prior to the flight. An airline’s change-fee of $500 will apply per ticket plus any fare difference if applicable. If you do not change your ticket up to 3 days prior to departure the airline will not allow a change and no refund will be issued. Travel must be completed within 1 year from the date it was issued on.

Cancellation: For wholly unused tickets only, cancellation must be made up to 3 days prior to departure time of the first flight and can only be made with BizFirst4Less. If travelers do not wish to change their tickets to another destination or to change the travel dates, then travelers will be eligible for a refund equal to 50% of the total ticket price. Cancellation must be done up to 3 days prior to departure date to qualify for a 50% refund. Destinations and/or date changes may be possible, but only with the same airline and for the same passengers (no name changes permitted), and are subject to availability of similar fare.

We offer a Trip Protection Plan which can only be purchased on the same day an offer is accepted. Tickets are valid for one year from the date issued on. Changes and cancellations must be made with BizFirst4Less, contact us via Live-Chat, by e-mail or by phone as soon as possible.

Yes. We recommend that you protect your investment with a Trip Protection Plan designed to reimburse you for any nonrefundable payments you make should you need to change or cancel under the policy terms. After your tickets are issued we will provide you with a link to select and purchase an optional Trip Protection Insurance. The cost will vary based on your flights price.

The website’s changes and cancellation policy is effective once an offer is submitted. Changes must be made with BizFirst4Less, contact us as soon as possible via Live-Chat, by e-mail or by phone. If you purchased the Travel Protection Plan we will work with the insurer to help you maximize your benefits. All requests for changes and cancellations must be made up to 3 days prior to the affected flight(s).

Airlines generally accept all major credit and debit cards. PayPal payments may also be accepted. For bank wires and electronic check payments users may use PayPal.

No, our service is only available via our website and App.

Yes. BizFirst4Less use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protection. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client—typically a web server (website) and a browser, or a mail server and a mail client (e.g., Outlook). SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers and login credentials to be transmitted securely.

Las Vegas based BizFirst4Less, LLC is a Nevada registered LLC, bonded and insured. BizFirst4Less is registered with the California Seller of Travel Program and with similar travelers’ protection programs of other States.

We contracted and partnered with several airlines to offer over 200 destinations worldwide. The negotiated terms and which airlines are contracted with the website are kept confidential per the agreements.

If you want to make another offer for the same flights you will be required to increase your offer by $200 or more per person. 5 offers maximum for the same flight(s).

Yes. We allow a maximum of 10 offers by the same traveler(s) for the same trip (i.e. NYC to PAR in May). You may place offers in the future for different trips.

That depends on many factors. Depending on dates, seats availability, contract terms, airlines’ load factors, day of the week, and other factors, we may or may not be able to accept your offer. Obviously, the higher and more realistic your offer is – the better your chances are to have it accepted by the airline. Users have been saving anywhere from 5% to 25% off the Published fares.

If you know which specific flights you would like to bid on, you can enter your preferred flights manually. To do that start a search, enter the number of travelers, and when you are provided with the search results (flight options) click on the link to enter your preferred flights. You will then be directed to enter your specific flights and you will be able to Name Your Price for your preferred flights.

Yes. Travel Arrangers or family members can bid on flights and purchase tickets for other travelers. You can purchase up to eight tickets, even if you are not traveling with the passengers. Enter each passenger's name exactly as it appears on his or her valid Passport. You will be able to indicate that you are not the traveler, your contact information will be saved and an account will be created for you.

Advanced seat selection is entirely dependent upon your airline and because airlines may change aircraft and seat assignments prior to departure, specific seating requests are not guaranteed.

Seating options can be viewed and requested post purchase on the website.

If a seat map is not available, it means your airline is not providing us with the ability to request specific seats. In this case, we suggest you visit your airline's website to view their pre-reserved seating policy and, if available, request your desired seats.

E-tickets (also called electronic reservations) are digital records stored in your airline's reservations system. They detail your flight information, ticket cost and payment details, and are attached electronically to your airline reservation.

Your airline may require either your e-ticket number or confirmation number when checking in. Both of these numbers are available in the Passenger and Ticket Information section of your itinerary.

Priceline shut down Flight-bidding in 2015. Priceline’s model was for Economy Class only, and users could not choose or know which flights, airlines or times they would fly on. With BizFirst4Less users search and select specific flights, and then bid only on the flights they select, so there is no guessing, they are in control.

Credit and debit cards are processed by the participating airlines or by BizFirst4Less, LLC. The website use Billing address verification, Billing phone number verification, security code verification, and other security measures to prevent unauthorized use of credit and debit cards.
BizFirst4Less and the issuing airlines reserve the right to require users to provide a photocopy of the credit card used for bidding and their ID or Passport when the transaction is flagged for fraud by our credit card processor (merchant company). Failure to comply with such requirement will result cancellation of the ticket(s).
For last minute travel users may be required to email a photocopy of their credit card and ID/Passport.

BizFirst4Less is a U.S. based website offering discounted International Business and First Class tickets for travel originating in the U.S. and Canada only. At this time we do not accept bids for travel that originate outside the U.S. or Canada, or for domestic travel.

You can view and print your itinerary online. Your printed itinerary will serve as your receipt

Connection (Connecting flight): An intermediate flight between your origin and destination cities where a change of planes is required. Each flight will be identified by a unique flight number.

Layover: Duration of time spent on the ground before a connecting flight. For overnight layovers, the hotel/ground transportation will not be included in the ticket cost.

Stop: An intermediate stop between your origin and destination cities where a change of planes is usually not required, although you may be required to de-plane for a short period. Each flight will be identified by the same flight numbers. If deplaning is required on an international flight, you may have to clear Customs and Immigration and/or provide travel documentation to your airline’s gate representative as you enter, depart, or transit through a country.

Identification and documentation requirements are determined by your citizenship and by the countries you will be traveling to, through or from. Travelers who are unable to provide required documentation may be denied boarding without compensation, detained, and/or deported at their own cost. If you are unsure of your travel requirements, please contact the embassy or consulate of the countries you are traveling from, through and to.

General requirements are outlined below:
Passports: All International travelers will need a valid passport. The countries you are traveling to or transiting through might have passport restrictions in place. These often include but are not limited to: the validity period of passport, the number of free pages, restrictions on countries previously visited, or even restrictions on recognizing or allowing visits from citizens of certain countries.

Additional Documents: In addition to a passport, the countries you are traveling to or transiting through may also require additional documentation such as entry, exit or transit visas, return or onward ticket, financial guarantees or even notarized documents.

Airlines have different policies regarding passengers who miss their flight. If you make it to the airport, but miss your flight, go directly to the main ticket counter or ask the nearest gate agent for assistance. If you cannot make it to the airport, you will need to contact the airline directly.

Requests to change or cancel your reservation may be denied based on airline policy and credit will not be given for unused tickets.

Many airlines do not allow customers to standby for alternate flights. If you have "checked luggage" you will not be allowed to fly standby.

To determine if standby is allowed for your trip contact the airline at the airport..

If the airline cancels your flight or denies boarding due to overbooking, you are entitled to the same rights as any other passenger. Speak to a gate agent to review alternate travel options.

Airline tickets cannot be transferred to another individual; the name on the ticket must match the government-issued photo ID each passenger will present at check-in. Once payment is submitted to the airline, typically about 2-hours after a bid is accepted, your airline's name correction policy and fees will apply. BizFirst4Less has no control over airline name correction policies or fees.

No we do not. We only offer Business Class and First Class airfares.

Submitted an offer and your bid was not accepted? Looking for a quick flat discount without the bidding? You can save with our guaranteed $150 Off the published fares listed on our site.
Simply search and select your flights, then Name Your Price with a $150 discount per person versus the published fare displayed. Submit your offer with a $150 discount per person and your bid is guaranteed to be accepted. For example, select a published fare of $3,000 and bid $2,850 for it, and have your bid accepted guaranteed.
International Business & First Class fares, excludes travel to Mexico, Central America & the Caribbeans. Subject to availability of seats and fare at time of ticketing.

Travelers with special needs such as oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, service animals, special meals or baggage handling should contact their confirmed airline directly. Each airline has different requirements for these requests.

Airlines require flight coupons to be used in segment order. If you don't take a segment, the remainder of the ticket will be invalidated and unused segments are non-refundable.

We do not have the ability to book reservations for pets. Please contact your airline directly for guidelines on traveling with a pet or service animal.

We can book tickets for passengers 16 years and older without an accompanying adult. We recommend that where possible, unaccompanied minors avoid traveling on the last flight of the day or on connecting flights. For children under 16 years old traveling alone, please contact your desired airline directly.

When traveling with infants (children under age 2) you will need to decide whether you want your infant to fly as a ticketed passenger or as a "lap child". If you would like your infant to sit in their own seat you will want to book infant as “Child” and bid / pay for a Child (an additional ticket).

If you will be holding your infant on your lap you are not required to bid on or pay for a ticket. If your bid is accepted please call your ticketed airline immediately after your ticket is issued to let them know you will be holding an infant. You will need to purchase an "infant ticket" directly with your airline. We do not sell infant tickets.

Earning Miles: As frequent flyer programs vary by airline and are subject to change, we cannot guarantee miles. To confirm eligibility or to add your frequent flier number post purchase, please contact your confirmed airline directly.

Name Your Price reservations made on our website DO qualify for frequent flyer miles.

Redeeming Miles: Tickets cannot be purchased using frequent traveler miles on our website.

No. U.S. residency is not a requirement for purchase, but travel must originate in the U.S. or Canada.

Yes, a credit card is required so that we can lock in your airfare and purchase your tickets if your Price is accepted.

Airline inventory is constantly changing. As a result, we are unable to guarantee the availability or price of any flight until the purchase is completed, especially during peak travel periods and major holidays.
Additionally, our booking system is linked to the airlines booking system and there can be time lags, which impact true reservation availability; listed reservations may not actually be available because the travel partner has not refreshed their reservation system when we access it.

What are the taxes and fees?
Displayed prices include applicable transportation taxes and fees. Your Offer price includes all taxes and fees. For international travel, some countries may charge arrival and/or departure taxes that are not included in your total cost. These taxes are collected at the airport, and typically must be paid in local currency.

Airline Imposed Fees:
Itinerary Changes/Cancellations/Refunds: Post-purchase changes, when permitted, may carry airline-imposed change and/or cancellation fees. These fees will be displayed in your airline’s fare
Baggage Fees and Optional Services: Airline baggage fees and optional services vary by airline, flight and frequent flyer status. These fees are not included in your airline ticket cost. Please visit the Baggage Fees and Optional Services link on your itinerary for details.

Airline Surcharge: For many international destinations, airlines impose a surcharge. This could include either a fuel or security surcharge. The amount varies widely depending on the destination and/or carrier. Some airlines include surcharges in their ticket cost. The most common surcharges are either fuel or security surcharges. The amount varies widely depending on both the carrier and the itinerary. When applicable, this amount is included in the fares displayed on our website, and in your offered price for a given trip.

Some airlines enter into code share agreements with a limited number of select airline partners. On certain routes, the airline may not fly its own aircraft. Instead, it contracts with a partner airline to fly to your destination.

In most cases you will check-in with your "operating" carrier; however, we recommend that you verify your flight check-in location with your ticketing carrier.

No. Tickets are Nontransferable.

If your flight is delayed, please follow the carrier's guidance as you may be required to check in at the regularly scheduled time.

If your flight is delayed, please follow the carrier's guidance as you may be required to check in at the regularly scheduled time.

Enter passenger name(s) exactly as they appear on the government issued photo identification you plan to provide to airline officials at check-in.

Passengers will encounter difficulty passing through airport security or may be denied boarding if their names do not match the identification being presented, and corrections are often not permitted once tickets are confirmed.

Middle Name is optional.

Visit the “My Account” page, check your Email, or Contact us if you cannot find your reservation.

Either a charge directly by the airline, or a charge by BizFirst4Less.

Yes, Passports are required for all passengers.